5 Ways to Establish Accurate Expectations When Recruiting a Live Music Band For Your Wedding Reception


For many years working with hundreds of brides, I have concerned learn that the most important component of a successful wedding event reception is establishing accurate expectations for the band and the purchaser early while doing so. Surprises are never ever good and can often be avoided. Here are the top 5 ways making sure that expectations are appropriately set.


Work with the band straight.


Bands can be booked straight or through a so-called booking representative. When it concerns wedding event bands, rarely does the representative represent the band. More likely, the "agent" brokers an offer in between the buyer and the band. This is not to say that an excellent agent isn't useful, however it means that they are not a part of the band's organization. Whether you reserve the band straight or through a reserving agent, it is vital that you establish a relationship with the band's contact individual. That individual is more than likely a band leader or a manager. Feel free to read more on http://www.msmusic.co.uk/Search/Jazz_Trios/Kent.html .


We all know the "telephone game" where one individual whispers something to the individual next to him who whispers to the next person and so on. Eliminating the middle guy removes the risk of the message altering by the time it gets to the intended recipient.


The other danger of not communicating directly with the band is that the message simply never ever makes it to the band. Dealing directly with the band eliminates any possibility of messages getting warped or lost and it offers you and the band confidence that you are both on the exact same page.


If a representative chooses not to let you consult with the band directly at any time in the process, run! This is a warning that the agent is far more concerned about controlling the transaction to safeguard his or her interests than she or he is about addressing your needs.


See the band live at another wedding event reception before making the recruiting decision.


There is no much better way to be certain of exactly what you are getting than seeing the band in action at another wedding reception. As a band supervisor, I always encourage prospective customers to see all the bands they are thinking about in a live performance before making their decision. Second, if you see all the bands you are considering, you will have absolute confidence in your choice - no second thinking that the band you have actually recruited might not be great sufficient or that other bands might be much better.


When you visit the bands you are thinking about, make certain you see them at a similar occasion. Every event type is different and each has a special role for the band: at a bar, the task is to sell beer; at a charitable event, it is to raise money; etc. Professional bands will construct different set lists and carry out different programs based upon the unique needs of the event. That is why it is essential to see the band at a wedding event reception. And, if you see more than one band, see them at the very same point at night. You don't want to capture one band throughout the "dinner set" and the other throughout the last dance set. Doing that might leave you with the incorrect impression that the "supper set" band is a low energy act when in fact they are appropriately keeping back as the scenarios dictate. Whether it's type of occasion or timing during the night, see to it to compare apples to apples.

Hire a seasoned and established wedding planner.


Wedding event organizers make it their business to know suppliers. Because they work wedding receptions day in and day out, they have a much better perspective on the consistency of bands and other suppliers than the bride you called for a reference who worked with a supplier once.


When you have made your hires, a wedding organizer can truly assist the day run smoothly. They can ensure all the vendors aren't aiming to enter the loading dock at the very same time, make certain the band's electrical requirements are fulfilled, coordinate other vendors with the band's efficiency, etc. Wedding event organizers are extremely educated about how one element of the special day can affect other aspects and they are experienced at ensuring that vendors understand the concerns and are interacting to create an effective event.


Employ an expert band experienced with wedding receptions.


Whether or not you hire a wedding organizer, recruit a band with experience carrying out wedding receptions. As I discussed above, all occasions are different and need various abilities of the band. An experienced and professional band will not only understand ways to structure the program, however also will signal you to problems that have to be thought about. For instance, your decision to have a buffet versus a plated dinner will affect the structure of the dinner set. Exactly what are the advantages and disadvantages of beginning the evening with the first dance? When should you schedule the cake cutting? As soon as the supper has actually been served, it is the band that essentially runs the show. Because of that, experienced bands are in a distinct position to raise prospective issues ahead of time so that they do not become issues at the time.


Communicate frequently with the band.


If you want the band to make announcements, let them know as far in advance as possible exactly what those statements will be and when you desire them made. With the couple of incredibly professional bands that have no break between songs, it can be tough, though not impossible, to make unscheduled announcements unless the band knows to anticipate unscheduled announcements. Of course, once a change is made, make sure the band knows as soon as possible.


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